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Safe Spaces

The Protestors


The recent anti-trans, anti-drag, and anti-queer movements from the extreme right government and religious groups have proven to us that we are not safe. Not yet.

They have been creating deceitful and harmful messages, aiming to dehumanize and induce false fear into the minds of the public. This is frighteningly familiar rhetoric - words that we have heard during the AIDS crisis in the 80’s.  Perpetuated by American right-wing media and absorbed by white nationalist groups, these stories have spread to many places in the world, where protests have begun to take place outside public libraries, public schools, swimming pools, bars, and residential communities. The violent claims these hateful protesters espouse have been investigated and dismissed by the local police services, holding absolutely no legitimacy or truth.  Yet their vicious rumors and protests continue to shut down public events due to threats of risk to public safety.


We need safe spaces. We need all spaces to be safe ones in which we can exist just as we are: human beings.

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