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Safe Spaces:


“As queer people, we find ourselves through our expression and our experiences. As a trans woman and a drag queen, I tell my story to the world around me, through my drag. Like many artists, I have a creative process when it comes to my performances, and my home is my safe space where my soul and my brain connect to create art in my own style. Having my own space is important to me and my drag, since in many ways neither are truly accepted by the public…yet.”

“…I choose to fill my home with my creativity, not only to find inspiration for myself, but hopefully to invite others to let their queerness and their artistry flow. It is as much a workspace, as it is a shelter, an incubator for a kind of 

creative energy that not everyone can understand.”
Addi continues with a quote from American author, bell hooks, ‘‘… ‘Queer’ not as being about who you’re having sex with (that can be a dimension of it) but ‘queer’ as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it and that has to invent and create and find a place to speak and to thrive and to live.”

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