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Safe Spaces


"Although I am just starting to tell my story & graduate my drag persona into the real world, I feel it has been the most substantial part of myself throughout my whole life. For as long as I can remember I kept my passion for drag on the back-burner of my brain as I had a juvenile fear of judgment & consequences I would have to face from the dark side of humanity that chooses to see our way of life as cynical. I had always been comfortable & secure as a queer person, but allowing myself to share my drag with the world was truly what catapulted my confidence to a higher ground & has ultimately begun the most enriching chapter in my life thus far.
I am definitely on the luckier side, as I have a very supportive family, friends & people around me who have always validated my art & pushed me towards success. While prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community in the world can only be so narrowly avoided, having these resources are definitely a pinnacle reason to why I am able to be unapologetic about myself & keep moving forward. I am also grateful to have had many women (famed, fictional & family) to look up to throughout my life & draw inspiration from to create the persona that I am always adapting. I tend to surround myself with people who I deem as powerful by nature & feed off of that to better myself.
I consider my safe spaces as those that would be some of the most vulnerable to most people. In front of the camera, on stage, or any time I’m given the opportunity to present myself as Teddy is where I come alive & become the most performative version of myself.”

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